Electrical car repair

Electrical diagnosis will reveal to you what important repairs your car needs

Car axle repair

You know when something isn’t functioning right within your vehicle and it may need repairs

Repairing your car, truck, or other vehicle is always more cost-efficient than buying a new one. Once you factor in depreciation, interest paid, insurance, taxes and more you’ll see that making repairs is the better choice.

This is especially true when you work side by side with a company that has your best interests in mind. Your wallet will thank you for taking advantage of complete and guaranteed repairs instead.

  • Axle repair, bearings and seals
  • Brake repair
  • Transmission and clutch repair
  • Differential repair
  • Rear end, transfer case, and flywheel repair

Fast and affordable towing right to our location

Don’t worry about being stranded for long! No matter where your vehicle is, we can tow it to the shop and relieve any hassle and stress. Quick pick up and towing is only a phone call away when you choose Turbo-Matic for all your transmission, maintenance, and repair needs!

Call Turbo-Matic anytime to arrange a FREE diagnostic, repairs, and towing!


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