Finely tuned car

Hassle free maintenance on your vehicle means increased safety and less chance of future repairs

Yearly scheduled maintenance is a cinch when you take advantage of a fast, expert, fine-tuning of your vehicle.

Car brake repair

You count on your main transportation to get you and your family everywhere important, and in the safest way possible

By following the recommended yearly maintenance for your vehicle, you are ensuring it runs as it should. Not only that, you are preventing any future repairs that may result. Fluids must be properly changed or friction can cause rough shifting, harsh wear and tear, and even complete system failure.

Stop in for your FREE diagnostic check-up and stay on top of keeping your car in perfect shape.

  • All-wheel drive maintenance
  • Various scheduled maintenance
  • Rear end maintenance and rebuilding
  • Brake maintenance
  • Transmission maintenance

Enjoy less repairs and a vehicle that runs like new!

When you care for your car, truck, or SUV it shows in its overall performance. While your owner’s manual can inform you of what maintenance needs to be done and when, it is helpful to have the aid of a certified mechanic.

Those who regularly maintain their vehicle investment end up avoiding repairs and preventing possible accidents. They also have the added benefit of enjoying their car for much longer!

Take care of your vehicle along with the skilled professionals at Turbo-Matic by calling or stopping by any time

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